Environment and climate protection

Beefuture - Our bee colony

Without bees our ecosystem has no future. More than 80 percent of the native flowering plants depend on pollination by bees. It is unthinkable that the yellow and black insects would disappear - our lives would change radically. Reason enough for us to rethink and effectively tackle this problem together with beefuture boss Frank Weiß. The foundry sees its responsibility in making a contribution to more biodiversity.

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Eins - Energy in Saxony

As a customer of "eins", we have actively and consciously chosen electricity from 100 percent renewable energies.
We use this with a clear conscience, as we believe that "eins" is already doing a lot to protect the climate and the environment. A comprehensive heat supply concept was launched several years ago in order to completely phase out lignite by 2029 at the latest. In parallel, one is optimizing its district heating network. The methane-fueled engine cogeneration plants can burn natural gas, biogas and synthetic gas. Overall, the new plants reduce CO2 emissions by around 60 percent compared with the previous technology - equivalent to saving the CO2 emissions of around 260,000 cars per year.

Climate Neutral Company 2021

Climate change is the greatest challenge for mankind since the end of the Ice Age. There is now global agreement that we urgently need to counteract man-made climate change. The success of emission reductions depends to a large extent on the voluntary and consistent action of industry in the industrialised countries. So we too are prepared to take responsibility for the world we leave to our children and grandchildren.

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Less fine dust - less smell!

Nobody wants to have fine dust and odours around them. The foundry Lößnitz GmbH has invested 5 million euros to reduce emissions. The Kappa Ekon® filter system reduces energy consumption and residual dust by a good third. This improves the air around the factory premises. The work areas of the foundry hall are now also supplied with pre-conditioned air. Employees can also take a deep breath.

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